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  • QSI Sound Systems for all types of clients

Our Mission Statement

At Quality Sound Incorporated, providing sound reinforcement and supplementary services is more than a business; its our way of life. We are never officially off the clock, and we enjoy creating a good working atmosphere & relationship on all our projects. We consider our industry standard products as only the basics.

Thats why we value every customer; and are proud to share our industry knowledge and product technology across the board.

Thank you for considering us and we are looking forward to 'coming to an event near you'.

Products & Services

No matter the shape, size or location of your venue, or even the type of presentation; you are likely to require a sound system. Our Systems and supplementary services are listed below under the following categories:


Products & Services

  • Indoor Venue Sound Reinforcement
  • Outdoor Venue Sound Reinforcement
  • Motor & Trailer Truck Sound Reinforcement
  • Local Cruises Performance Stage / Monitor Sound Reinforcement
  • Backline Provision, Instruments & Personal Monitoring
  • Multitrack Recording
  • 2-Track Master Recording (CD on demand)
  • 125 kVA Portable Generator
  • Site Evaluation


Products & Services

  • Live Recording to Studio Data Dump
  • Live Recording Overdubs
  • Recording & Arrangements
  • Musicians & Background Vocalists
  • 2-Track Mix-down to Pre-master CD

Sales & Installation

Products & Services

  • Musical Instrument & Personal Monitoring (on order only)
  • Sound System & Supplemenentary Equipment (on order only)
  • Pre-quotation Consultancy & Evaluation
  • Precision Engineered Permanent Installation

Technical Support

Products & Services

  • (After Sales) Service & Equipment Maintenance Program
  • Longterm Investment Assessment / Pre-Purchase Evaluation
  • Post Installation Training Workshop
  • Basic Sound Reinforcement Training Workshop (Outsourced)
  • Office:(246) 231 2034 / (246) 234 4711, 'Sisa House', Black Rock, St. Michael
  • Warehouse: (246) 428 8123, Building #14A, Newton Industrial Park, Christ Church