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  • QSI Sound Systems for Promoters

QSI (Large Scale) Event Sound Systems

Choose from the best in high fidelity sound systems and professional support services for your large scale event, both local & regional. Whether its a Festival, Rally, Club Event, or Concert, our flown systems are deployed to achieve the best coverage and line of sight; using the industry standard EASE Focus Software.

Such systems are used at several of Barbados's biggest indoor and outdoor venues such as the National Stadium, Sir Garfield Sobers Sports Complex, Farley Hill National Park, Ermy Bourne Highway, Kensington Oval and several others.

One of our concert P.A's include the largest modern line array system in the Eastern Caribbean which is capable of handling audiences in excess of 30, 000 persons.

Our system engineering allows for a cost effective and efficient design for your needs.

If you are having any large scale event such as a

  • Festival
  • Rally
  • Club Show
  • Concert

Get your show on the road with Q.S.I.


Barbados Jazz Festival, Barbados Reggae Festival, Barbados Pan Festival, Crop Over Festival, Congaline Music Festival, National Independenc Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA), Barbados Gospelfest, Antigua Carnival, St. Martin Music Festival, Grenada Jazz Festival.

From initiation to completion, load-in to load-out; we make the most complex configurations and band change-overs look like clockwork. Making the artists comfortable on stage, keeping the audience on the peak of listening pleasure, and helping you to maintain your event as a quality product. We must take the blame for this one. That is, helping to ensure that your audience stays with you, year after year. Quality Sound Inc. - responsible sound engineering.

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Do we have the technology? Yes we do. Political and (some) religious rallies require serious security and technical support. Many times these events are held in uncommon outdoor venues that require more than typical reconnaisance. We have supplied high end sound systems for political rallies to the governments of St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Dominica, and Barbados. From the first campaign trail stop to the swearing in. We make sure you get your point across. QSI - uncompromised sound engineering.

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Club Show

When a promoter takes his show to the club, the physical space required for the integration of additional systems may be a challenge. QSI has over ten years of experience in club installations and integration for special events. Making sure that the sound system does not take up that extra space needed for your patrons.

Now we are providing you with the D.A.S powered compact line array system. A system that takes up far less space, has the amplifiers built into the loudspeaker boxes, and has higher output levels as well as a more even distribution from front to rear of the venue. QSI - recommended by a musician or D.J near you.

Send in your band riders and other relevant information


With so many different types of concerts and just as many different styles of presentation and coordinating, it is very difficult to come up with any complete sound system to suite your needs; unless you provide us with your program requirements. These include a running order as well as artists requirements (or riders) to determine the most suitable equipment (rental) installation to make your budget workable and your event a success.

Send us your running order or programme list and we will arrange for an event sound installation

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