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  • QSI Sound Systems for Productions

QSI Production Sound Systems

Choose from the most reliable sound systems and support services for your Live Musical Production, DJ Sound System, Band Sound System, Backline for a gig or sound reinforcement for your Dramatic Presentation.

Our system engineering allows for a cost effective and efficient design for your event installation.

If you are a

you have made the right stop.

Production Company

With the complexity of productions gradually increasing, have a sub-contracted sound company that understands your clients needs, and grows with the demands of the industry. Quality Sound has been a part of the biggest and best productions across the Eastern Caribbean.

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Entertainment Company

From the biggest and best calypso tents to the annual festivals; be it jazz, reggae, pan or soca, promoters rest easy knowing that they can trust the Q.S Team to deliver a highly efficient sound system with good coverage.

With our management as well as nearly half of our audio mixing engineers being musicians, we supply and setup the most detailed backline and stage layouts, to the point where international and local touring bands can just walk in and have a session with little or no changes to the setup. We understand the needs of the band, vocalist and touring engineers.

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Free-Lance Sound Engineer

As a freelance sound engineer, working with several types of bands and other clients is becoming more demanding. Its easier if the equipment you are using is more reliable, easier to mix on and most of all not susceptable to feedback. Thats why most of the top freelance engineers come to us for rentals and purchases. We certainly have the experience in the riggors of the road, because like you, we spend most of our working hours on the road.

What does your next gig require.

Disc Jockey

Have you ever had a tough crowd? Well you can rely on us for the tough equipment. With speaker enclosure manufacturers like D.A.S, EAW and Bassmaxx followed by professional power amplifiers like Crown Macrotech, Lab.Gruppen and QSC PLX2 series you will be ahead of the crowd every time.

Stay ahead of the game. Run any of our sound systems from dusk till dawn and just pack up and take it to the next gig; whilst your competitors are heading to the workshop. Don't mess up the beat. Q.S.I every time!

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Play Director

From any type of dramatic presentation to literary works of art portrayed, we provide the reinforcement of your natural sound. With unobtrusive microphones and equipment placement you can turn almost any venue into a theatre. Our sound processing equipment make sure that the sound is never overwhelming for those gentle ears or critical listeners.

Are we - 'to be or not to be', in your next script? Let us play our part.

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  • Warehouse: (246) 428 8123, Building #14A, Newton Industrial Park, Christ Church