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  • QSI Sound Systems for Private Functions

QSI Sound Systems for Private Functions

Choose from the best in portable sound systems for your Private Gathering, Party, General Meeting or Members Forum.

Our system engineering allows for a cost effective and efficient design for your needs.

If you are having any special functions at a

Go portable with Quality Sound Inc.


If you provide conference facilities to your guests as well as the local community, you are well aware that some of your clients' requirements may sometimes exceed your basic resources. Be aware that we are here to help you with most of the extras that you require in sound system equipment and accessories.

Instead of requesting rentals on demand, you may want have a new and complete permanent installation or upgrade to your present system. Either way you will always be delivering quality service to your clients with QSI.

Speak with a Q.S.I Representative about your function today.


When you wish to have entertainment in your restaurant, the artist or his hirer may require a certain feel or mood, that can best be portrayed with enhancements or replacement of the existing sound system. To provide sound reinforcement for a meal setting, one must be able to configure the system with reduced dynamics as well as overall levels, with an option to increase gradually with audience interaction.

QSI will provide a system with enough flexibility and ease of control for the varying expectations of your audience.

Contact us, and let us advise you on your entertainment package.


We provide high end professional sound systems and support for celebrity functions, private parties, barbeques, dinners, and almost any well coordinated residential function. If you are having special entertainment such as a live band, we will assess your power requirements, as well as advise you on the appropriate generator to acquire (if needed).

Stay in control of your sound with the right system from Quality Sound Inc.

Contact us to set up an assessment time.

Your Organisation

Having your general meeting, annual meeting or function and need assistance with a public address system? Then feel free to contact us for help.

Let us know where an when, and we will be there for you.

Indoor or Outdoor

Our loudspeaker systems are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. These loudspeaker systems are designed with a front weather proof (not water proof) netting, and will require covering in above relatively low rainfall conditions.

Please note, that with all other electronic equipment, covering is mandatory to avoid water damage.

Check out our other pages to see how we can help you with your corporate or other type functions.

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