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QSI Institutional Sound Systems

Choose from the most practical sound systems and support services for your Auditorium, Meeting Room, Training Room, Reception Area or Dining Area.

Our system engineering allows for a cost effective and efficient design for your needs.

If you are a(n)

You are in the right place; because our systems will be one of your most economical long term investments.

Educational Institution

Ensure good communication and clear directives with an installed or rented public address system. Readily available and easy to operate. Outfit your Meeting Hall, Lecture Theatre, Mess Hall or your Entire Compound to match your needs and your budget.

Also, with the purchase of a system for your regular meetings, your personnnel will be trained on how to reconfigure and integrate with a rented system, for increased coverages at your special events. Such occasions may include graduations, retirement functions and parades.

This means that you may not have to hire an additional technician on your limited budget; because of this added training and human resource! How is that?

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Religious or Non-Profit Organisation

From a simple 'speech only' system with a lectern microphone, to an elaborate 'large format' mixing system for a worship team - it could be your new installation or an upgrade - what ever the system requirement, we provide the consultation, sound advice, sales, installation, training and maintenance.

As a Religious Administrator, Sound Technician, or Musician, at some point you may have walked into a music store to purchase a sound system on the fly. Although unwise, it was common practice by some, to purchase a system without proper planning or consultation. Such actions resulted in inadequate system performance, unsuitable components (below standard or too costly), or incompatibility (can not be easily integrated with special event rentals or with purchases for system upgrade).

Instead of hoping that whatever is in stock at the local music store will hopefully work for you, proper planning should be done. You deserve a system that matches your budget and can still grow with your organisation, as well as stand up to the riggors of todays worship sessions.

Make the wise choice. Have a system layout that is custom engineered to match the size of your attendance, as well as your architecture and organisational growth.

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Community Development & Training Programmes (Government)

Community development and training programmes that include music and entertainment require the acquisition and maintenance of musical instruments and small sound systems. Get a durable and cost effective equipment stock that is easy to store and maintain.

Community development may also include the use of the recreational centres and grounds throughout the country. For general gatherings and sporting events, a durable and portable sound system that can be easily set up is a necessity that will largely contribute to the success of the event.

Use DAS Audio Systems from QSI. European standards equipment built for the Latin American and the Caribbean regions.

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Hotel or Guest House

Welcome your guest with soothing background music in your reception / lobby area. Have that same environment by the pool, bar, restaurant and washrooms. Better yet, be able to make annoucements into the same background music system which is the fastest way to track a guest or employee that can not be reached by other means.

Do you offer conference and meeting room services? Then dont offer your clients a mediocre service. Include a permanently installed simple conference sound system that will do the job, and avoid them the hassle of looking for one.

Your clients would definely appreciate the difference.

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Health Care Facility

Any modern health care facility should have a proper public address and paging system installed throughout its compound as well as a sound system for speech in its meeting room or auditorium.

Dont stay silent, get your message across with QSI and DAS Audio Systems.

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Military, Security or Rescue Department

Warning systems, announcements, parades and police tattoos, band rehearsals and concerts. DAS Audio Systems command attention.

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