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  • QSI Sound Systems for Event Coordinators

QSI Coordinators' Sound Systems

Choose from the best in intelligible and transparent sound systems for your clients listening comfort. Our system engineering allows for a cost effective and efficient design for your needs. If you are coordinating any special events such as a

  • Wedding
  • Funeral
  • Competition
  • Pageant or
  • Concert

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In the caribbean, outdoor weddings are quite the typical pick for visitors to our islands, and even the locals. We have quite a lot of beautiful churches for the traditional couple, but one cannot ignore the beauty of our outdoors. For this reason, at some point in time you may find an attractive gathering of family and friends at one of our islands beaches, nature santuaries, parks, a court yard of a restored plantation house or the extravagant garden of a kind local.

If you are a wedding planner or you run a hotel or restaurant that caters to this market, then partnering with us will bring this technical expertise right into your plan. We definely have the experience with celebrity weddings as well as VIP receptions. We would like to share our knowledge and expertise with you, and provide sound engineering products and services that best suit your needs, no matter the size or shape of the venue and always to suit the budget. We have proposed to you. What say ye?

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QSI has provided the sound reinforcement engineering to deal with the overflow of attendees at state funeral services and consequent gatherings at the burial sites. The provision for attendees outside of normal viewing areas may lead to the use of remote covered areas that require interactive sound. This is achievable by acquiring the correct sound sources and providing an unobtrusive reproduction for those situated in the remote areas.

We can certainly assist you in making every interment memorable for all attending.

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A few of the competitions in which QSI has provided sound engineering support include the Barbados Pic-O-De-Crop Finals and Semi-Finals, Barbados NCF Party Monarch Finals, Antigua Carnival Calypso Monarch Competition and Queen of Carnival.

Such events are handled by our successful 'A Team', who are known for their attention to detail, alertness and quick response times, as well as sureness of tasks. Apart from competitions, our 'A' team delivers quality technical support for large touring gigs, and regional festivals that feature high end international acts.

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Whatever the pageantry, we help to extend the feel and sound right from the source of the presentation to every seat in your audience. Sound that is exciting but not uncomfortable for the listener.

QSI - Spectacular sound design.

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With so many different types of concerts and just as many different styles of presentation and coordinating, it is very difficult to come up with any complete sound system to suite your needs; unless you provide us with your program requirements. These include a running order as well as artists requirements (or riders) to determine the most suitable equipment (rental) installation to make your budget workable and your event a success.

Send us your running order or programme list and we will arrange for an event sound installation

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