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  • Sound Systems for Corporate Events

QSI Productions

Quality Sound Inc. provides sound reinforcement services to corporate, production, institutional, promoter, coordinator and the residential client.

.. for the corporate

Sound reinforcement for conference & seminar, opening ceremony, product launch, gala, dinner & awards and more..

Featuring professional systems for speech, multimedia, press conference and artistic presentations.

.. for the production

Sound reinforcement for the production company, entertainment company, free-lance sound engineer, disk jockey, play director and more..

Featuring reliable systems for production, entertainment, recorded music and dramatic presentations.

.. for the institution

Sound reinforcement for the educational institution, religious & non-profit organisation, government agency & community development department, hotel & restaurant, health care facility and more..

Featuring practical sound systems for your church, auditorium, training room, reception or dining area.

.. for the promoter

Sound reinforcement for the large scale event, festival, rally, club show, concert and more..

Featuring high fidelity sound systems for a stadium, gymnasium, national park, and large open fields.

.. for the coordinator

Sound reinforcement systems for the wedding, funeral, competition, pageant, concert and more..

Featuring clear sound systems for intelligibility, transparency, listening comfort and good reviews.

.. for the private function

Sound reinforcement systems for the hotel conference room, restaurant, organisation, residential function and more..

Featuring portable sound systems for the party, general meeting, members forum, or any gathering.

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  • Warehouse: (246) 428 8123, Building #14A, Newton Industrial Park, Christ Church